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coffee roaster

Every morning around the world, people reach for a cup or a cup of hot coffee. Many of us treat us coffee or simply as a 1: 1 supplement to choose between tea and tea (we skip the rich world of other hot beverages like yerba mate or rooibos). Coffee, however, is not only in grains ground or behind what is in your mug, as in the case of wine or whiskey,
there is a species of coffee from which we collect grains, sunshine, soil, plantation height and machining method. Coffee will give color and bitterness to your milk latte, it will be nice to hit caffeine mound after the morning espresso, or surprise with tea and floral notes made from overflow. Every morning at KawePale, we open the door in the morning, take a deep
breath and start work. In the background stands our oven from Giesen – we burn in it portions of up to 15kg at a time. We care about the environment in the same way as the quality of our product, so we have adequate ventilation and an electrostatic filter. Thanks to this solution, only clean air without any pollution gets to the atmosphere. The production process is a combination of our experience, work on a classic stove and modern technology. When we burn coffee, we not only use knowledge acquired over many years, often through trial and error, but also from the cropster program, which allows us to fully control the process and profile of smoking. Note – now a bit of technology: this advanced tool allows us to break down the whole process of grain thermal processing for visualization up to four temperatures, Rate-of-Rise (RoR), quantity and control of gas, the amount and speed of drum rotation and pressure inside it, for accurate tracking of the entire process in real time. When grains are fired by us, we subject them to quality control. We need to check if they have the right color, humidity and taste. Only those batches that undergo verification are packaged and put up for sale. We pack the burnt coffee by hand into special bags that allow the grains to "breathe" and at the same time eliminate the amount of air getting from
outside, so that they are fresh for a long time. Packages prepared in this way are delivered to our retail and wholesale customers. We are constantly in touch with our business partners. We advise and help. Our partners will confirm that we are doing it well.