KawePale Kawiarnia Kawy | Team


The owners – namely us: Piotr Wilczewski and Piotr Mietelski – have been working together for years on projects related to running cafes and smoking rooms. The idea to create a KawéPale artisan roaster was born naturally as a result of joint work, experience and shared interests and knowledge about coffee. Our goal is to educate and discover the good side of flavors in front of every coffee lover, even those who take their first steps among brands and subbrands. We want to stay permanently in the world of caffeine as a supplier of a good product and “know how”.

Piotr Wilczewski 

After the times of the capital snobbish for “only black coffee” and “only coffee specialty” and the boom for alternative brewing methods, the time has come
to cool down. Despite the fact that we were once guilty of similar sins of the coffee world, we can say with all our heart that the best coffee is “the one we like” Over the years, we have gained experience and we know that  “better” is the enemy of the good. I improve craft every day.

KawePale Kawiarnia Kawy | Team
KawePale Kawiarnia Kawy | Team

Piotr Mietelski

Hello, I am Barista by heart. 7 years ago I started my adventure with coffee. I am still on that mission to this day. I never get bored with this marvelous plant, and I discover something new about coffee almost every day. I am happy to tell you about it. I make coffee because I love coffee.