KawePale Kawiarnia Kawy | Coffee house

Coffee house

We want to be mainly grain suppliers, but we know that we have to tread on the ground and that’s why KawePale is also a place where you can sit and drink at the spot,  eat sandwiches, home-made cakes, and dinners. We have chosen a short and varied menu to guarantee fresh products and avoid boredom because we often have something new. Here you will be able to talk to us, sit down and drink our coffee or see the beating heart of this place, our stove, while working, because we put it behind the glazing so that  the process of creating our product is transparent and a little because we have a bit of small and we think that the severity of the machines always looks good. We believe that the mutual relationships we make and try to maintain translate not only to your satisfaction but also to how our seeds taste

It does not matter to us whether you are a gourmet coffee beginner or a certified home barista who brews coffee in a known way only. It is important to us that you have chosen KawePale that you have trusted us.